The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also known by their acronyms SDG's and its 169 goals, are integrated and indivisible, global in scope and globally applicable, taking into account the different realities, capabilities and levels of development of each country and respecting their national policies and priorities.

INNOMNIUM main focus: SDG 9, 11 and 17.

The SDGs are formulated to: eradicate poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and tackle global climate change. This United Nations' initiative was officially launched in January 2016, adopted by all Member States as a universal call for the year 2030, with the commitment to leave no one behind. The SDGs replace the Millennium Development Goals, a development target in force until 2015.


To implement these 17 SDGs, UN development agencies have teamed up to create Mainstreaming Acceleration and Policy Support, an agile and common development approach that advocates mainstreaming, acceleration and policy support. These four concepts come into play at different times. The Mainstreaming Application consists of making the proposals included in the 2030 Agenda in national and local policies, budgets and action plans. However, it engages with civil society, business and the media, as well as trying to increase public awareness.

This great challenge proposed for 2030 is not possible without analytical tools where Accelerators can be identified to make the process an easier path, actions to support the empowerment of women and girls, as well as local economies will be boosted, safer life will be allowed and more inclusive communities will be built.

Lastly, the UN itself with this MAPS strategy, will provide Policy Support covering all development aspects, employment, biodiversity, local governance, healthcare, education and clean energy to encourage the SDG's implementation.

The proposed 17 goals are global problems that require solutions as such; worldwide.

The current situation of the 2030 Agenda calls for more cooperation and action. Cooperation from international, national, regional and local governance systems, through companies and organizations to civil society to meet these 17 Sustainable Development Goals.