The 25th September of 2015, the General Assembly of the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development. Surely you've heard about it, but what is exactly the 2030 Agenda?

It is a plan of action that was born from the betrothal of all the States members of the United Nations. It brings on some necessary transformations that seek to favor the people, the planet and the prosperity. In addition, it has the intent to reforce the universal peace and the access to an equal justice. Roughly speaking the 2030 Agenda pretends to reach a developed and an inclusive world.

To understand the origin, as well as the transition of the 2030 Agenda we should look back at the 2000s. The states members of the United Nations, at that moment a total of 189 members, engaged to achieve some different aims; the deadline to nickname "Millennium Development Goals" (MDG) was the year 2015. The focus of the performances of the MDG was destined at the undeveloped countries.

The same year 2015, culminated the period of implementation of the MDG, and the 193 States members engaged to adopt the 2030 Agenda. This last is an international and unprecedented program fostered by the UN that it's part of the program of the United Nations for the Development, and that is composed by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and a total of 169 objectives to achieve.

The difference between the first proposal (MDG) and Sustanaible Development Goals is that the last ones are for everybody, each country can has their own different strategy of implementation of the SDG.

The Innomnium Civic Foundation wants to take position as an organization that transforms the Sustainable Development Goals to projects and concrete programs towards rural areas (smart territories) and companies (smart companies). We understand the divulging as a process between theory and action. Therefore, our mission is the implementation of the SDG's through the direct participation of the key agents of the innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.