Last Thursday, November 19, the presidents of both entities, Francesc Faiges and Albert Latorre respectively, signed a collaboration agreement to develop from 2021, specific projects and programs linked to the 17 chapters of the SDGs of the United Nations.

The alliance has 2 main objectives: on one hand, to disseminate and raise awareness of the great importance for a territory of aligning its challenges with the SDGs; and, on the other hand, to promote equal opportunities and territorial competitiveness in economic, social and environmental terms between rural areas and the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. Entrepreneurship is the driving force behind the actions that will be implemented in Terres de l’Ebre:

- The “CRITTalent®” program will make it possible to identify, promote and finance technology-based projects linked to the SDGs;

- The 2nd edition of the “ODS Youth Challenge” accompanies the academic career of young talent based on the km.0 research work developed by high school students;

- The “ODS Pro Challenge”, an intrapreneurship program aimed at companies to decarbonize their processes and implement the culture of sustainability in the balance sheet and corporate strategy.

Finally, the agreement includes the co-creation of the continent's first Geoethics Center. Geoethics consists of research and reflection on the principles that underpin appropriate behaviors and practices, where human activities interact with the terrestrial system, focusing on the preservation of the natural capital of rural ecosystems and the conservation of their human capital. from pacts originated in a dialogue of values. In a first phase of communication, different web seminars will be organized to promote the initiative.

Specific programs linked to the SDGs.