The conservation of the nacra (Pinna nobilis) in the Ebro Lands

IES Blanca d'Anjou
Performed by
  • Sara Zúñiga Vasquez
Supervised by
  • Jorge Albuixec
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Give proposals for the conservation of the species Pinna nobilis to prevent its disappearance in the lands of the Ebro Delta, one of the last places in the Mediterranean where stable populations are located.

Project description

The bable mollusc Pinna Nobilis (nacra) is an endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea that is endangered and requires rapid action to save the last populations.

In this TDR we study the conservation factors and mechanisms that are carried out to prevent their extinction. From research on the causes of heavy mortality, which have now ended many of the populations in the Mediterranean, emphasis will be placed on the factors responsible: the parasitic diseases it faces as the main cause of its disappearance, what effects climate change has on its conservation and the conjugation of the previous two factors. Thus giving an explanation with an overview of the problem of nacra, to subsequently propose protective measures to reduce mortality, based on the data and research developed by specialist scientists from the IRTA.