Hope for Delta (Social)

IES Roquetes
Performed by
  • Chiara Frisoni
  • Maria Curto
Supervised by
  • Carme Masip
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Study the cost benefits of isolating the Mediterranean Sea to prevent meltwater from covering the Ebro Delta and other parts of the coast.

Project description

Sea level rise is caused by global warming, as this causes the defeat of the ice at the poles and subsequently represents an increase in sea level. In anticipation of thirty years, the Ebro Delta is expected to be one of the areas most affected by sea level rise.

Assuming that climate warming is inevitable we propose the solution of the construction of containment dams in strategic locations so that the water of the thaw does not enter the Mediterrani.

Our task in this work is to study viability from different perspectives. First, we analyze the economic viability taking into account the approximate cost of building the infrastructure and the opportunity cost to the Ebro Delta not to avoid sea level rise. Still, we want to know how farming companies, nurseries, and nurseries see this solution,... found in the Delta Sea.

On the other hand, we have interviewed managers of Ports of the Generalitat and political representatives of the territory for knowing how it would affect at the budgetary level to restore the coastline, we have the recent memory of the temporary Gloria that allows to extrapolate data.

We are interested in what social movements such as the PDE think, to deepen the social viability of the project, as well as to face the possibility of climate refugees.

Finalitzariem with scientific viability or addresses aspects such as environmental sustainability – e.g. the impact it would have on migratory marine species. We know that at first glance it seems crazy, since we are breaking the dynamics of the Mediterranean and that this solution would lead to many environmental problems and strong social rejection. Still, we believe that it is a very ambitious project that allows us to create synergys with the rest of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and this aspect we see as a strong point. Despite concluding that the proposal was not feasible, we are aware that we have to face the salvation of the delta, and rising sea levels are one of the many threats facing our territory. In conclusion, they saw the need to make proposals to save the Delta, even though ours was not advisable we proposed to organize an event that serves as a space for debate to save the delta. We aim to serve as a platform to raise awareness and spur economic and political leaders to energize those initiatives that gain consensus.