Hope for Delta (Scientific)

IES Roquetes
Performed by
  • Emma Gavaldà Pons
  • Nerea Fimia Lleixa
Supervised by
  • Raul Curto
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Save the Ebro Delta. Understand the importance of climate change and the irreversible consequences it can have. Estimate the severity of economic losses if sea level rise is unavoidable. Check if it would be possible to avoid economic losses by building a dam in the Mediterranean.

Project description

It is often believed that sea level rise will be gradual but some scientific studies suggest that this sea level rise could be to sudden jumps and this could raise sea level by 3.4 meters in a few decades.

In our TDR we have set out to explore the possibility of combating these sea level rises to the Mediterranean area by building a containment dam in the Strait of Gibraltar and another in the Suez Canal to prevent meltwater from entering the Mediterranean. These constructions would entail a number of difficulties that we discussed in this TdR.

The impediment to the migration of some species between the Mediterranean and other oceans would be one of these problems, there is an artificial solution to build transfer systems for fish, but they involve significant economic and energy expenditure.

Another problem with difficult solution would be the increase in salinity that would entail isolating the Mediterranean from the other oceans.

The problem we have discussed most in this work is the change in sea level that would entail the heating of water in summer and the cooling in winter in a closed sea that could not have water exchange with the oceans.

The conclusion of our work is that it would only be feasible to build these containment dams in the event that global warming produced such drastic consequences that they threatened to make most of the Mediterranean's coastal infrastructure disappear and there would also be an agreement among all Mediterranean countries to build the dams and contribute to minimizing the negative consequences that this would entail.