Financing and viability of the dams to the Ebro Delta

IES Blanca d'Anjou
Performed by
  • Jordi Boyer Margalef
Supervised by
  • Álvaro Vicente
  • Sandra Viñes
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To raise people's awareness of the importance of the marine environment, especially the Ebro Delta, so that they can solve the serious problem of the recession.

Project description

Baccalaureate's second-rate research work is probably the most important job we've done all students so far, and because of the great research into information that needs to be done and the high number of hours that need to be invested, I think the most important is to choose a topic that we really like and for which we show real interest. That's why I've done it on a topical issue that worries me a lot about Delta regression. As you may already know, the Ebro Delta is getting smaller and smaller because of the lack of sediments that would have to go down the river, but the different dams are stuck. This problem leads to the Mediterranean Sea slowly eating our land, so we need solutions immediately, and the key to ending this great regression could be the dams. That's why my work is titled "Financing and Viability of The Dams to the Ebro Delta". Before starting with the thickness of the work it is important to know what it is about and what is the function of the solution provided by my colleague Maria Boyer, since to make a project like this a reality you have to have a wide knowledge of the subject.

Of dams there are of two types, floating and submerged, but both have the same utility. They are large constructions that serve to stop the regression of the delta, since its function is to break the waves, thus preventing the sea from getting inland. One of the very clear examples to demonstrate the urgency of this preventive measure against regression is in the temporary Gloria, which at the beginning of the year affected throughout Catalonia, but especially the Delta. During the temporary large waves up to 3 meters high attacked our land by disappearing the Trabucador Bar and eating an important part of our territory, with the dams these negative effects of Gl'ria would have been considerably reduced, thus retaining much of the lost terrain.