The extinction of the Nacra

IES Candelera
Performed by
  • Mia Raphael
Supervised by
  • Neus Montaña
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To raise public awareness of the problem of the Nacra.

Project description

In recent years, the populations of the Great Mediterranean Nacra (Pinna nobilis) have suffered a dwind of magnitude alerting. The parasite causing this massive epidemic continues to spread rapidly, determining the need to take further action urgently, as the proliferation of protozoa of the genus haplosporidis, together with the presence of mycobacteris, seriously threatens the survival of the largest bable mollusc in the Mediterranean. To my TdR I will present a synthesis of the data that are possessed on the biological and ecological aspects of this species. I will map the situation along the coasts of the delta, specifically in the municipality of l'Ametlla de Mar, to know the status of the populations and whether there is any recruitment even after the mortality event has occurred. I will take samples from the Nacares and study the situation of their current environment.