Invasive species of the Ebro Delta

IES Cristòfol Despuig
Performed by
  • Dídac Martorell Juan
Supervised by
  • Elena Panisello
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The aim of the study is to get to know a little more about all these invasive species with which we have to live together and show my hypothesis that if the human being could hunt, fish or collect them, sooner or later, it would end up decreasing their number of individuals as has happened or is happening with any species that has been collected, fished or hunted.

Project description

This TDR studies the invasive species of the Ebro Delta to get to know those that are the ones that cause the most damages both in the ecosystem and in the economy and know more about them.  There are many invasive species that inhabit the Delta today so it is important to make a classification of the most important ones, those that as I said before are the ones that most affect ecosystems and also the economy. So if we managed to successfully combat only one of these, even if it is only one, it would be a big step.  My hypothesis is that every species that has been hunted, fished or collected by man, sooner or later, has decreased its number of individuals considerably, so would the number of individuals of any invasive species if they allowed them to hunt, fish or collect.  So the human being doing what would be a negative thing in these cases would have a positive repercussion.