The Delta Scream: SOS

IES Les Planes
Performed by
  • Adam Albiol Alemany
  • Néstor Albiol Torren
Supervised by
  • Secundí Acisclo
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Solve the problems associated with the regression and subsidiance of the Ebro Delta.

Project description

The Ebro Delta suffers, from the means of the last century, from the phenomena of regression and subsidiance that can make it disappear or at least degrade it significantly. The main cause is the lack of contribution of sediments carried by the river, and also, the modification of marine runs by coastal infrastructures built throughout the twentieth century. The work proposes to artificially contribute the sediments that have accumulated to the reservoirs of the Ebro basin that would otherwise have reached the mouth. With the study of the various solutions proposed by scientists and those that have been applied in other deltas, we want to determine the most appropriate method to achieve the objective so from a technical, economic and environmental point of view. The dissemination to the public of the work aims, at the same time, to inform and raise awareness in the population of this problem.