Diagnosis, measures to improve and follow the beach of La Marquesa

IES Dertosa
Performed by
  • Núria Cervera Espuny
  • Ramon Vidiella Nolla
  • Ruth Domingo Siurana
Supervised by
  • Cinta Alemany
  • Eugènia Vilaubí
We'll be showing content in a few shorts.


Spread and raise awareness of the current problems that the Ebro Delta is suffering and improve the problem of regression on the beach of La Marquesa caused by the temporary Gloria and other temporary futures.

Project description

The job is to make a diagnosis of the current state of conservation of the beach of La Marquesa (been of the dunes, flora, width of the beach and human activity) and see how it has evolved over the years to the current state.

Once the diagnosis is made, a series of measures are proposed to improve this state and avoid the regression of the beach (restoration and fixing of the dunes, transfer of sediments to the area, construction of canals, etc.).

Finally, a proposal is made to monitor the measures implemented to analyse the feasibility of these measures.

In conclusion, we try to contribute our work to saving a terrain as emblematic of the Ebro Delta as Playa de la Marquesa.