Bioplastics, are they the solution to the problem of littering? (Impact on the Ebro Delta)

IES Cristòfol Despuig
Performed by
  • Núria Carles Favà
Supervised by
  • Marian Rojas
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Find out if bioplastics are a good alternative to conventional plastics from an environmental point of view.

Project description

Conventional plastics are the main source of solid pollution on the planet, i.e. rubbish. The nefarious management of this waste is having a visible and invisible impact on the environment and society, endangering the flora and fauna of natural environments and indirectly harming human health.

In this research paper I take bioplastics as a possible solution to the serious environmental problems caused by plastics in recent years. To meet the main objective established, I proceed to find out if they degrade more quickly than traditional plastics and therefore, whether or not they are a suitable alternative to them. Reaching this conclusion is possible thanks to fieldwork, which consists of subjecting various types of bioplastics in different natural media over an extended period of time to continuously study their state of degradation. In addition, I also take into account the advantages and disadvantages that entail and investigate, through a brief survey at the local level, the degree of awareness of the population.