The impact of climate change on bivalve aquaculture in the Bays of The Mudard and Alfacs of the Ebro Delta

IES Deltebre
Performed by
  • Josep Noche Bo
Supervised by
  • Susanna Subirats
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Solve the problem of climate change to bivalve aquaculture in the Bays of The Mud and Alfacs of the Ebro Delta.

Project description

The main idea of the project, will create a serious canal around the bays its function is to renew the water to stabilize the temperature and to renew in the water all the nutrients necessary for the life of the bivalvae. The idea was to excavate an open-pit canal at a strategic point, this would be located in the Delta's junction area with the bar, with a width of 50 m, and a length of 367m. As an open-air channel, truck transport or workers from the Salinas de la Trinidad would be interrupted. This porblemática would be colutioned with the implatació of one puts concrete to pass from one side to the other.